Advanced Hypnotherapist Rosemary Heaton Dip Hsm AH NLP

As an Advanced Hypnotherapist working from my office in Chester,  I would say that most Hypnotherapists have varying degrees of qualifications & Experience so you must ensure you find the one that you feel would be right for you.

Hopefully this will help you understand who I am & how I work so that you feel comfortable that I’m the right choice for you.

Telephone: 07917 473 501. Email:

I have an informal & relaxed approach which I’m sure you will feel totally comfortable with

I’m 52 & have faced various challenges throughout my life & indeed have not always been the positive person I am today.

However I managed to completely change my life very successfully  several years ago & I would say that it has made me the happy person I am today which is the most important thing.

I have a really caring, informal & relaxed manner with my clients which I’m sure will help you to feel at ease as quickly as possible.

I’m also very straight forward & down to earth ensuring you get complete clarity & honesty about your situation & the results you can expect, as we all respond differently to hypnotherapy.

Because of this my clients get very successful results from their sessions as their expectations are managed very carefully from the outset.

Having been  brought up in an environment with deaf parents & deaf sister so in fact sign language became my first language, which probably explains why I’m quite animated. It also gave be a sense of what it’s like to have a disability which most issues that my clients have can be defined as a disability to them. I also truly believe it gave me a special sense of being able to know  when something is not quite all it seems, which I suppose it’s what most would call a very strong intuition. My intuitive approach is very different & along with my experience really helps me quickly assess & resolve any issue’s you may have.

More recently I have been volunteering at a local hospice, which is a wonderful thing to be able to do & has given me a wonderful insight into all the emotions anyone can go through at such a tragic time in their lives. Making a difference to those people is rewarding in lot’s of ways & that’s exactly what I do for my clients which in turn makes a difference to my life.

If you’re ready to get help in changing yours then please feel  free to call me for Help, Advice, or a Consultation

Rosemary Tel: 07917 473501 Email:

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