Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence & Self Esteem Hypnotherapy

As an Advanced hypnotherapist & Life Coach working in Chester I have fortunately been able to help many people suffering from a lack of confidence & Self Esteem very successfully with Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching.

It affects many different people in many different ways & Symptoms as you’re probably aware vary from Blushing & Stammering to Agoraphobia & Panic Attacks.

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However it affects you please don‘t think you’re on your own

Confidence & Self Esteem Hypnotherapy in ChesterHowever it affects you please don’t think you’re on your own, as it affects Children, High flying business professionals, House Wives or Husbands, Teachers, Solicitors & many people from all walks of life.  The most important thing is that you are seeking help as it really is something you don’t have to live with.

I have an informal & relaxed approach which I’m sure you will feel totally comfortable with should you decide to take advantage of your 1 hour Consultation without any obligation at all. After which you can decide if

Hypnotherapy is for you & then we can put a plan in place to free you of this!

What customers say

“Wow Rosie I’m on top again the best I’ve been for 15 years. Wish I’d met you when all this started. 4 or 5 sessions & I’m back. Words cannot describe what you did for me or as you say what I did for myself. Thanks Again xx”

Mathew Southon

Next steps

If you now feel that you are ready to overcome any of the above issues please feel free to contact Rosemary in Chester for Help, Advice or a Consultation

Tel: 07917 473 501 Email:


£70 per session (average expected sessions needed vary from 2 to 6 dependent on the individual)

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