STOP SMOKING IN approximately 1.5 hrs

Stop smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been found to be the most successful way of quitting cigarettes for life and once you have made that decision you want to stop……..and you must be 100 percent committed to that, then call for a Consultation which lasts about 1 hour without any obligation.

This allows you to get an insight into how it all works & also allows you to decide if Hypnotherapy really is the right thing for you.

Telephone: 07917 473 501. Email: – Located in Chester

The cost is probably much less that you spend on a month’s worth of cigarettes

Four Steps

Step One

An in Depth Consultation & health questionnaire followed by a short relaxation session

Step Two

A Discussion about how you felt and the pro’s and con’s of Smoking

Step Three

Approximately 1 Hour Personalised Hypnotherapy Session

Step Four

Explanation of the Coming weeks as a NON SMOKER

It really is that simple!!!!!!

What customers say

“I was smoking 20 a day & wanting to give up but realised I was not going to succeed on willpower alone. I then met Rosemary at Pure Mind Hypnotherapy who said that she could help me give up. That was months ago & Ive not had a cigarette since.

I feel so much better & it has not been as hard as I thought it would be & am comforatble around other smokers which I always thought would not be easy to do.

I Highly recommend Rosie & hypnotherapy if you are wanting to give up smoking”

Robert Tetlow

Next steps

Cost £250 (probably much less that you spend on a month’s worth of cigarettes)

If you now feel that you are ready to overcome your Smoking Habit  please feel free to contact Rosemary in Chester for Help, Advice or a Consultation

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