What customers say about your business is probably the most important thing for me.  It tells me about their expeience of Pure Mind Hypnotherapy and how it affected their lives.

That’s why I wanted to publish some of those reactions here on my website so if you are considering hypnotherapy you can see at first hand how it worked for others.

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I highly recommend Rosie & hypnotherapy if you are wanting to give up smoking

Ade Evans

” 2014 Was not a good year! My Father died & my Marriage finally came to an end. I met & started working with Rosie at the beginning of 2015. With her help & support, I re-took control of my life even embarking on a new career.”

“A year later, I am in a much better place, with a positive outlook on life. Rosie was a massive factor in making this happen.”

Mathew Southon

“Wow Rosie I’m on top again the best I’ve been for 15 years. Wish I’d met you when all this started. 4 or 5 sessions & I’m back. Words cannot describe what you did for me or as you say what I did for myself. Thanks Again xx”

Nancy Little

When it comes to the power of the subconscious mind, Rosie is Queen. I can honestly say that I entered into hypnotherapy as a complete sceptic, and was amazed how Rosie was able to help me, and what I was able to achieve myself.

The problem was my weight. I desperately wanted to loose unwanted weight with out having to change anything (I love food and de-test exercise).

Impossible I thought – Possible said Rosie! As a direct result of receiving hypnotherapy and life coaching from Rosie, I’ve now lost 15lbs in 8 weeks!! Its fair to say after trying almost every diet imaginable for the last 10 years (all with limited success), Rosie helped me understand the issues, and subsequently achieved the most uplifting and rewarding results ever! I cant sing this lovely ladies praises enough, and I strongly recommend you talk to her if you want help with any aspects of your life.

Thank you Rosie! From an eternally grateful converted sceptic.

Debbie Sumpton

” I can’t recommend Rosie highly enough. She has helped me lose weight & completely changed my attitude to food & over eating.

I had the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy sessions and they have worked so well.

Rosie is such a lovely person & great at what she does.

If you’re looking for a hypnotherapist Rosie is the one!”

Richard Cooper

“I would highly recommend Rosie she saved me from a bad place I was in & with her understanding of my situation she quickly resolved my mind”

Claire Morris

“My fear of enclosed spaces otherwise known as Claustrophobia had become very severe over the last 10 years & prevented me from enjoying life to the point I almost became agoraphobic, as I didn’t want to get myself in situations where I was out of control. I met Rosie & after just a few sessions my fear has gone.

I still find it hard to believe!!! Can’t thank you enough Rosie x”

Robert Tetlow

“I was smoking 20 a day & wanting to give up but realised I was not going to succeed on willpower alone. I then met Rosemary at Pure Mind Hypnotherapy who said that she could help me give up. That was months ago & Ive not had a cigarette since.

I feel so much better & it has not been as hard as I thought it would be & am comforatble around other smokers which I always thought would not be easy to do.

I Highly recommend Rosie & hypnotherapy if you are wanting to give up smoking”

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